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Superfly v2.1.13 is a responsive WordPress menu plugin that generates space efficient vertical push/sliding/static navigation for your site. Superfly v2.1.13 makes navigation much easier and user-friendly both on desktops and mobiles. Concept of off-canvas vertical menu that proved itself on mobiles now shines on desktops too!

Mouseover interface removes necessity of extra click and user reveals menu with easy move and beautiful appearance. Click option is still available though. Under the hood, only industry’s best practices are used for animations and smooth performance.

Version 2.1.13 Latest
– 2.1.13: Font Awesome CSS update
– Fix for usecase when menu links don’t work with certain settings in 2.1.11
– Fix for site Font Awesome CSS inclusion in 2.1.10
– Font Awesome version 4.4 in 2.1.9
– Fix for fullscreen usecase with anchor links in 2.1.8
– Improvement for parent links containing only ‘#’, they will open submenu (in 2.1.6-2.1.7)
– New setting for desktop menu behave like mobiles and slide down submenus (in 2.1.5)
– Fix for fullscreen menu padding on mobiles (in 2.1.4)
– Fix for case when WP installed not in parent URL and logo and search link to incorrect pages (in 2.1.3)
– Fix for search button click didn’t submit form (in 2.1.2)
– Tweak for usecase for smooth scroll (in 2.1.1)
– Navbar threshold point added and its appearance logic changed

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