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Most WordPress features work pretty well out of the box, and that is probably why it is the most popular content management system on the planet.

However, site owners usually need to work with WordPress to optimize their site for speed and search engine optimization.

The Premium SEO Pack v1.9.0 for WordPress is the ultimate tool for optimizing your website for today’s search engines. Premium SEO Pack contains all the features that you would expect to find in dozens of different WordPress plugins, plus it includes unique features that you just cannot find anywhere else.

# Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

## 13.05.2015
[ADDED] NEW Module “Tiny Compress” which uses the API service to compress images (PNG & Jpegs) – a replacement for the Old “Smushit” Module

## 18.03.2015
[ADDED] Custom Stop Words List for Meta-Keywords. (On Page Optimization -> Mass Optimization -> Settings)

## 14.03.2015
[ADDED] Module Title & Meta Format, meta tags “title”, “description”, “keywords”, “robots” have a new option “Products” which differentiate them from “Posts”

## 06.03.2015
[FIX] Sitemap for woocommerce products is printed incorrectly(it prints the product category link). Now it prits the correct product link.

## 23.02.2015
[FIX] 301 redirect now works even if a 404 template is not present

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