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Go Pricing v3.3 – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables – It’s very easy to create WordPress pricing or compare tables with Go Pricing. If you buy this product, you don’t need anything else.

This WordPress Pricing Tables supports various Media Elements like Audio, Video, Image or Map. Just give a try, we are sure you will never turn back to search more.

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Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon & Material Icons give you scalable vector icons that instantly can be customized and look gorgeous high-resolution displays.

Lot of new features help the making of Pricing Table from which the most important is the Instant Preview. With only one click you can view or test your work anytime.

We prepared 250+ different looking templates for you which devided by colours in the product. You can use only the red or blue colours or you can import all of them in a form of demo data. Take your pick!

You can freely mix the various colours as well. Putting the columns consecutively you can configure any colour sequence. Is this rather exciting?

The “Go” experience will be with you using any device to display the plugin. Let it be a small or big resolution screen, laptop or mobile device, the visualization allways perfect, 100% optimized.

The Go Pricing Plugin can be used at many different areas, let this be the introducing of the team or a comparison of pricing tables. It is a true peculiarity made for you with lots of love.

Go Pricing v3.3 – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables Changelog

v3.3 – May 8, 2016
[FIX] Added fix for identifying tables by id in the shortcode
[FIX] Minor fixes in frontend styles – half/one pixel ‘gap’ on column sides in Chrome, ghost circle in Clean 6 style, styling issues for inner <ul><li> HTML structures
[FIX] Added fix for positioning tooltip if having <ul><li> HTML structures in rows
[FIX] Added fix for prefixing CSS selectors inside media query selectors when applying custom CSS for tables
[FIX] Fix in equalizing footer rows functionality, now it’s equalized per row not per footer
[FIX] Incorrect size fix for file uploads – Import & Export and Upload pages
[FIX] Bugfix for hiding top message when scrolling
[FIX] Fix for resetting Currency, AJAX, User roles general settings after updating the plugin
[FIX] Added fix for popup not closing on ‘Insert’ button
[FIX] Added for ‘Export getting stuck’ issue – using export functionality in Live Preview Popup when you edit a table
[FIX] Fix for ‘scrollbar jumping’ in Live Preview Popup
[FIX] Minor admin CSS and JavaScript bugfixes
[IMPROVEMENT] Rewamped admin user interface with better usability
[IMPROVEMENT] Added welcome message and a new menu with the key features on the top of the Dashboard
[IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to show shortcode for a selected table on the top of the Dashboard screen and on the Table Editor page
[IMPROVEMENT] Added a counter for the Column Editor
[IMPROVEMENT] Live Preview Popup improvements – bigger size and option to select background color
[IMPROVEMENT] Added new colorpicker (Spectrum) allowing usage of alpha channels (RGBa colors)
[IMPROVEMENT] Added code editor (Codemirror) for editor areas
[IMPROVEMENT] Added new optional functionalities to Editor Popup to increase productivity – Apply On Close, Apply On Action and Open New Row
[IMPROVEMENT] Added tabs to Editor Popup for better usability
[IMPROVEMENT] Added column animations feature – column transition and price counter
[IMPROVEMENT] Added text (CSS) based ribbons
[IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to set default font per table
[IMPROVEMENT] Added the functionality to check file type and maximum size on frontend for uploads – Import & Export and Upload pages
[IMPROVEMENT] Added update notification and built-in update functionality for add-ons using Update page
[IMPROVEMENT] Added 10 new demo tables
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