Download Free Divi Booster v3.4.3 WordPress theme v3.4.3

 – Are you looking for an easy way to give your Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme a boost? Maybe you’ve seen the many Divi customization tips I share online, but don’t have the coding skills needed to implement them, or just plain don’t have time to?

Divi Booster v2.4.9 is my new WordPress plugin which makes customizing Divi a breeze.

Divi Booster v2.4.9 Features:

  • Divi Booster adds 100s of new configuration options to Divi – Want to change the height of your slider? Or stop the header from shrinking? Or change the look of just one page? It’s all in there. I’m constantly adding new options and with free updates for life you’ll get them as soon as they’re ready. I even take requests – just let me know what you’d like to see added in the comments.
  • Divi Booster is incredibly easy to use – The majority of the tips can be turned on and off just by ticking a box. And as it’s a plugin, you don’t need to know about implementing child themes. But it’s also fully compatible with child themes if you are using one.
  • Divi Booster is fast – Plugins get a bad rap for slowing your site down. But that’s only true if the plugin is poorly written. Divi booster pre-compiles and minifies the CSS and JavaScript code it generates when you save the configuration, not when your user visits your site. This means that it loads as fast, or faster, than the equivalent code placed in a child theme.

Divi Booster v2.4.9 Changelog

= 2.4.9 =
* Extended mobile content width option to include Divi Builder layouts
* Moved module options into the new Divi subsections within module settings
* Fixed slider module options not applied to global modules

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Demo Download Free Divi Booster v2.4.9 – Plugin for WordPress

Download Download Free Divi Booster v2.4.9 – Plugin for WordPress

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